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When we landed it was raining and a strong cold wind was blowing. We rented a small apartment in Brooklyn, near the subway station. It was the first time in New York for Alex and he was delighted to show his excitement. Alex D’Emilia is someone who climbs eight thousand meters with the greatest mountaineers in the world and films them.

They climb, and he climbs while working. He did the same with me: he came to the Amazon forest and filmed. Keeping up with him isn't a walk in the park: he wandered around New York with a rigid technical suitcase that contained everything from cameras to underwear. With him one flies! He climbed the subway stairs three steps at a time, a thirty-year-old for whom everything is easy, a curious human being who paraglide from peaks where only wide-winged birds dare. At that moment we were traveling light on the streets of New York as if we were in the Himalayas. It was October 2017

David Monacchi

L'arca dei suoni originari DUSK CHORUS

I well remember when we met Alex on the terrace of our Hotel situated between the Sasso Piatto and the Sciliar, and the impression that he would have shot the documentary with the eyes of whom perfectly understands and  identifies concurrently with the messages,  emotions and difficulties of an  ambitious and complex project. But above all the authenticity that generated it.

Alex documented our story by sharing our passion and paying close attention to detail, with a surprising final impact both visually and in content


Valeria Caldarelli


The video for the Dolomites World Heritage Geotrail  generated high expectations. When the Unesco Dolomites Foundation recommended some expert filmmakers to us, and after a couple of meetings  we realized that Alex was the right person for our project.

The result was a success also due to his athletic abilities in the high mountains as well as on the set, in the editing and post-production phase, with equipment suitable for any type of shooting.

Great availability and precision of the team not to mention the truly spectacular images.

Vittoria Volpi Spagnolini / Account Manager


Great flexibility, with an open-mind in organizing and re-organizing  in tight deadlines, uncomfortable and unexpected situations. The pride of doing one's job well, the joy of being immersed in a natural environment even in difficult circumstances, the technical ability to move on technical, uncomfortable and sometimes rough terrain. Work done with passion, competence and attention to detail.

Certainly among the most capable drone pilots I have ever known, able to exploit the potential of the device to the maximum, even in extreme situations. Style with a romantic taste in narrating people and their course of life, going well beyond fashions and stereotypes.

Alessandro Beber

Mountain Guide DOLOMITICHE