Independent Italian film director, action cinematographer and photographer

About me

Alessandro D'emilia

ALESSANDRO D’EMILIA is a photographer and film maker specializing in outdoor and adventure productions, often in remote areas of the world that few have access to, bringing cutting-edge technology to tell the stories of big companies.

He delves deeper, documenting projects with a strong sensitivity towards the environment, regarding ethics, artistic, ecological and sporting aspects of the story. This approach has led him to regularly follow professionals undertaking cutting-edge ascents on expeditions in the Alps, Equatorial Forests and the Himalayas. This high level of experience has made him one of the most sought after creatives in this industry.

Founder of the A.d.v. productions and the Mountain Film Crew, he uses methods that focus on adventure photography in a climate where style is in harmony with the performance of people who push themselves to their absolute limit.

In order to enhance aesthetics in symbiosis with nature, climbing, paragliding, running and skiing so that during the shoot it became a natural personal evolution that led me to define myself as a multipurpose action cinema.
Gimbal, Drones have no secrets for me and have changed the game and storytelling in outdoor extreme sports.
At the same time, having been completely still and silent in the darkness of the night of the primary Amazon rainforest, immersed in the invisible microcosm of an almost inaccessible habitat, gave me a very special sensitivity to the sound dimension.
Extreme experiences have indelibly marked my way of living and working: shooting films and images is my best opportunity to focus on the essentials of life.

Alex D'emilia

In 2017, Alessandro directed the first ever film that portrays the field work of eco-acoustic researcher David Monacchi in the act of recording 24-hour three-dimensional sounds with extremely high-resolution 3D technology in the area with the highest biodiversity on the planet. , the Equatorial Forest. 

The internationally awarded documentary “DUSK CHORUS” is based on “Fragments of Extinction“, a project regarding safeguarding endangered sound heritage.

His work today is the result of several years of practice in different technical skills and under any condition with an open and sincere attitude, both in directing the entire production process as well as in a team, creating relationships of mutual trust with customers; production companies, individual customers, news companies and trade magazines.

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