Alex D’Emilia in brief

I m Based mainly in the Dolomites and North Italy. Practicing sports such as skiing, climbing, slackline and paragliding I developed a strong interest in the audiovisual sector in the service of the mysteries of nature and unexplored places, in search of contact with local populations. I work all over the world as a director, DOP and freelance Drone pilot. I m Graduated at the Zelig documentary school in the Photography class. I produce documentaries mainly following expeditions and extreme sports projects, environmental and social issues.

In addition to Dusk Chorus, a multi-award-winning film in both scientific, environmental and social fields at prestigious international festivals, i followed renowned athletes and mountaineers. In May 2018, I was filming and following Arjun Vajpai, the youngest mountaineer in the world to climb mountains of 8000 meter, to the summit of the third highest mountain in the world, the Kangchenjunga (8680 m).